Recipe Round Up: Peachy Sips

The peach celebration continues all month long for Peachapalooza at the Brookhaven Farmers Market. To get us in the spirit we’ve gathered up some of the best looking peach drinks and cocktails from around the web.

Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Not only does this drink look beautiful, it sounds so refreshing.  Once the kids have had their fill, add a splash of vodka to make a grownup version your friends will swoon over. 

Source:  Damn Delicious

Peach Green Tea

On a hot day in the south, nothing could be more perfect than a cold glass of Peach Green Tea while sitting on your front porch. 


Maybe in some other recipes you can get away with not using farm fresh peaches, but peaches are the star in this belini so they’d better be good! 

Source:  Jamie Oliver

Source: Jamie Oliver

Peach Rosé Sangria

Not only does this sangria sound delicious, it is so darn pretty.  And, for the first time last week, we started seeing white peaches in the market so you can follow this recipe to the "T". 

  Cheers to getting your local, juicy peaches this Saturday at the BFM!