July 29 updates

Sad news for the market

West Wind Farm will no longer be attending the market. The long-time vendor has closed their business. It's hard to see a corner stone of the market go and highlights the tenuous nature many farmers face. The market still has beef, pork, and chicken regularly available from Heritage Farm, and Double B.

Featured vendor: Fat Lady Baker

Fat Lady Baker has been at the Brookhaven Farmers Market since the beginning and if you haven't tried her delicious baked goods you can't really say you've been to the market.

From her baguettes to her sourdough loaves, you can't go wrong. Most loaves require yeast to rise - a microorganism that eats sugar and causes bread to rise. The gas they release creates air bubbles that are trapped by the gluten protein made elastic by kneading. Sourdough's flavor is particularly influenced by catching and incubating wild yeast that gives the bread that unique sour flavor.

Not all loaves of bread are risen by yeast these days. Most bread you buy in the grocery store has risen with chemical agents rather than biological agents, and studies suggest that the natural fermentation process that occurs when yeast is added to the dough helps break down and make available nutrients in our bread. Not only is Fat Lady Baker's sourdough delicious - it's nutritious! 

Vendors 7/29

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