Just 4 more weekends

We're wrapping up October and a month of apple celebrations with the annual Harvest Festival.

  • Free canvas BFM tote for the kids in costume.

  • We'll have Bitsyland performing your favorite tunes

  • Chef Tonya from Cooks Warehouse prepares oat and apple pancakes featuring Mercier Orchards apples.


AngloCeltic Bakes

Banjo Coffee

Bernhard's German Bakery

Double B Farm bringing eggs, duck eggs, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, arugula, turnips, bratwurst, kielbasa and sweet Italian sausages along with hog share and rabbit and chicken reservations. 

Fat Lady Baker Caramel apples this week!!  Also fresh baked baguettes, Ciabatta, soft pretzels plus chicken salad, Greek quinoa salad and pimento cheese. 


Frik and Frak Foods

Happy Camper

Heritage Farm

Hometown Honey

Honest Harvest Pasta

Jimella's Bakery

Jody's Farm 

King of Pops

Mad Mama Gourmet

Mercier Orchards

Minnie's Sweetie Paws

Mo Mint and Thyme

Nonna's Family Kitchen

Nuts for Pate'

Oh Honey Skincare

Paul's Pot Pies

Seven Sisters Scones

Tom's Awesome Seafood

Veda Juice

Now’s the perfect time to start filling up the freezer for winter.