Hollywood Feed is a natural and holistic pet specialty retail store in Chamblee. They aim to provide superior customer service and work to improve the lives of pets. Hollywood Feed was established in 1950 as the local feed store on Hollywood Street in Memphis, TN. The Memphis Zoo, Memphis Animal Services, and the Memphis police force were among their original accounts. Over the next three decades, Hollywood Feed was the place to get pet food, good advice, and friendly service. After being customers for many years, the current owners acquired Hollywood Feed in 2006 with the intention of building on the legacy of helping pets, their owners, and people in the community.

Today, Hollywood Feed continues their commitment to help pets and people by offering four-legged friends high-quality foods, USA-made treats, toys, beds, and more. Hollywood Feed Team sales associates receive over 40 hours of training from veterinarians, nutritionists, vendors, and behaviorists every year. They believe the best customer service involves helping pet owners make informed decisions about pet products.