The Ben Kinney Team Atlanta

Delivering The Dream of Home Ownership Everywhere

The Ben Kinney Team Atlanta consists of a team of licensed top-producing agents specializing in buyers, sellers and investors, an operations group, a marketing department and transaction management group, all operating from the same online portal for seamless service to their customers, servicing Metro Atlanta. They strive to bring value and top notch customer service to their clients, for life. 


Karen Smyth | Team Leader



Sarah Miller



Jessica Gomes



Domenica “Nici” Haas



Beccah Hunt



Fatima Redzhepova


1.Why did you sponsor the Brookhaven Farmers Market?

We've been sponsoring the Brookhaven Farmer's Market for the past 6 years because it is a part of us! We are Brookhaven! We have lived here and worked here since 2005 and we truly believe supporting and growing our community. We have been involved in all the sports, arts festivals, activities, bike rides, 5K runs, you name it! We look forward to being a part of our close knit community, forever!

2.How did your company get started? 

Karen Smyth was selling real estate in Brookhaven, Atlanta, since 2006. As a top producing agent for over 10 years, she was approached by The Ben Kinney Team, a large national group, the #1 Team out of Keller Williams Nationwide and Internationally, to become the Atlanta partner. The merge occurred in 2017 and has increased the exposure and service for all our clients. We are able to reach more people with listing inventory and help buyers and sellers achieve their goals. 

3.What do you wish people knew about your product or service?

We take a very customized approach to each individual client through our thorough in-person consultation. We are looking for clients for life, to assist with all aspects of their home journey. We have helped clients build wealth through real estate investments. We are also very connected and can refer all types of vendors to our clients. Further, we can provide referrals for real estate agents on the Ben Kinney nationwide and overseas. 

4.Your favorite story about the market?

We met this amazing couple, Andy and Cecilia several years ago, at the market. They were regulars and renting around the corner in Brookhaven. We developed a relationship and over time, they decided to start their homebuying journey. They attended one of our First Time Homebuyer Seminars and were able to understand the entire process. Plus they received a pre-qualification from the lender partner. A couple of months later, they were homeowners! Our Mission is to Deliver the Dream of Home Ownership EVERYWHERE! Everyone deserves to be a home owner. We are excited to help the Brookhaven Farmer's Market customers achieve their real estate dreams! 

5.What is something the Brookhaven Farmers Market would be surprised to learn about your company, products or services?

You'd be surprised to know the Ben Kinney Team Atlanta has team members from all over the world and can do business in over 5 languages! We are here to serve and excited to be a part of our thriving Brookhaven metropolis.